Bogue Asset Management LLC Websites and Internet Agreement

By using or reading any part of any Internet site that includes in its address or otherwise shows Bogue Asset Management LLC [“we”, “us”, “our”] maintains it, downloading anything from such a site, or using any software available from any such site, each user agrees to these provisions [the “Agreement”]. If you don’t agree to these terms, don’t use our site.

This Agreement is between the user and Bogue Asset Management LLC. Each person that is our member, or is commonly controlled with or an affiliate of us, is an intended third-party beneficiary of this Agreement, and may enforce it as fully as Bogue Asset Management LLC could enforce it.

This Agreement refers to the user with “you” and “your”, and refers to Bogue Asset Management LLC (or its affiliate) with “we”, “us”, and “our”.

United States of America only
Our site is for users to obtain or evaluate our services, which relate only to the United States of America.

User passwords
Some features of our site might be available only with the use of a username, password, code, or other identifying information. If you furnish or request any identifier, it’s for your use only. You’re responsible for keeping confidential your identifiers. You won’t provide any of your identifiers to another person unless you intend the other person to have authority to act as fully as you could. You’re responsible for everything done (or not done) using the site with your identifiers. We’re not responsible for any breach of security caused or facilitated by your failure to keep confidential all of your identifiers. If you become concerned about confidentiality, privacy, or security, you may ask us to disable one or more of your identifiers. Although we usually don’t want to make it inconvenient for you to do business with us, we may disable any of your identifiers, even without a reason, whenever we want to, and without notice.

Whenever you use our site, you consent to electronic and other means of recording of any communication that involves any use of the site, and you authorize us and our agents to keep and use all information and data you input.

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Disclosure about investment advice
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No advice
This website is not advice. We provide investment advice only as expressly provided by a separate written investment-advisory agreement. We don’t provide any other advice. In particular, we don’t provide any accounting, actuarial, tax, or legal advice.

About information
We might provide information. Any information is not a substitute for getting your own advice. Any information is only an overview, and can’t consider your circumstances. For each text, you should look at the date on it. Consider that law or investment circumstances could change at any time. Although we might update information, we don’t have an obligation to do so. That a text names an author doesn’t mean that the author has any duty to you. Further, by allowing his or her name to be used, an author doesn’t allow you to rely on any text. We don’t warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information. Tax information (if any) can’t be used by any taxpayer to avoid any penalty. All examples are solely for illustration. Any characters or places portrayed are imaginary, and any resemblance to real-life persons or places is coincidental and not intended.

About software
Any software you may access through this site has only the warranty stated in it (if any). We disclaim every other warranty or representation, express or implied. We disclaim any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, even if we knew your purpose.

Internet links
An Internet source that doesn’t have as part of its address isn’t under our control. Besides the conditions stated above, we’re not responsible for outside information or your use of it. We provide links only as a convenience to you. That we provided a link doesn’t suggest that we endorse the other source or anything about it.

Copyrights and trademarks
This site’s information and services include intellectual property we own or license. Every copyright, trademark, and service mark in the site’s pages, and in the screens displaying the pages, belongs to us, except as otherwise shown on or in the materials.

You may use our information and intellectual property only for your own use in obtaining or evaluating our services. You may download or print a text if you limit your copying and use to these authorized purposes. However, you must not remove any copyright or trademark notice, or alter any text. Also, you must not download or reverse-engineer any software.

Avoiding infringement
We use reasonable methods to avoid infringing another person’s copyright, trademark, or other intellectual-property right. If you believe something we post or link to infringes another person’s rights, please tell us about it; we remove an infringing display or link promptly when we know that the other person owns the rights.

Encrypted software
Software might include encryption methods subject to export-control laws. You must not export any software outside the United States or to any foreign person. A foreign person includes anyone who isn’t a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident of the United States.

You can’t assign this Agreement. We may assign this Agreement to any person without your consent. This Agreement inures to the benefit of our successors and assigns, and binds your successors.

About this Agreement
This Agreement is in addition to, and doesn’t impair or change, another agreement (if any) you have with us. By using the site, you confirm there is no unwritten understanding about your use of this site and its information and software.

Ending this Agreement
Except as provided by our written investment-advice agreement with you, we may end this Agreement, without penalty, whenever we want to, without any reason, and without notice to you. You may end this Agreement simply by not using our site. But every provision that relieves us from liability or responsibility survives the end of this Agreement.

Governing law
This Agreement and all disputes and controversies about your use of our sites are governed by and construed according to the internal laws of the State of Maine without giving effect to any conflicts-of-law rules, applying each Maine statute of limitations and every Maine statute of repose.